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The Lidia's Wigs difference
"The most expensive wig is not necessarily the right wig for you," says Lidia Cammarano, the woman behind Lidia's Wigs.
"It's all about understanding your hairstyle preferences and choosing a wig that fits that."
"Don't get a human hair wig if you want something that you can just 'set and forget'. Similarly, don't go for a synthetic wig if you want to change the style often."
Here Lidia answers some commonly asked questions about the different kinds of wigs available, and why choosing a wig is all about understanding your own needs first:
What are the different kinds of wigs out there?
"Well, basically, there are two types of wigs - human hair and synthetic. Within both these categories there are wigs that are made by hand - these are called mono hand-knotted - as well as machine-made ones."

Human Hair Wigs

Ok, so why would I go for a human hair wig?
"If you're the kind of person that likes to change your hairstyle often, maybe wants to put a colour in it, straighten or curl it, then a human hair wig will be best for you . Pretty much all the things you can do with your normal hair, you can do with a human hair wig. And you would take care of it in the same way as well."

What makes a good human hair wig?

"Human hair can be graded just like wool. What you want is hair that feels healthy - not too dry, course or fine. You should choose hair that colours well and, ideally, is all sewn from long pieces - this means it will tangle less. It is tricky to know if a wig meets these criteria, that's why you need to buy your wigs from a reputable salon."

Synthetic Hair Wigs

How about a synthetic hair wig? Why would I choose that?
"You know, people often think that synthetic wigs aren't as good as human hair, but for some, they can really be a better option. If you're a low hair maintenance kind of person, who doesn't want to change your hairstyle, then synthetic is perfect. You can't change the colour or the curl, but this makes them easy to take care of, and you never have to blow wave them -they are always ready to go."
And what makes a good synthetic wig?
"You've probably seen those synthetic wigs that look like they belong in a fancy dress shop? Unless you're going to a party, you really want to avoid those. What you want is a wig that feels natural, with soft and flexible strands. The shine is really important too - you want something that is shiny, but not plastic-looking."

Mono Hand-Knotted VRS Machine Made Wigs

So, what about mono hand-knotted and machine made? What's the difference and how do I know which one is right for me?
"A mono hand-knotted wig will sit flatter on your head and you can see the scalp through them. This makes them excellent for people wanting a really natural-looking wig. I often recommend them for clients with thinner hair. A machine-made wig, on the other hand, will have a lot more bulk to them and therefore suit people who like hair with plenty of body and volume."